Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Roman on Crete

I pictured him here in a room with billowing curtains on the Isle of Crete....

I'm such a romantic.... ^_~


Elephant-Woman said...

Hello ^^
I am french and I don't speak very quite english, but I just want to tell you how your dolls are beautiful *3* I am a great fan! I don't know how to have a Bermann, it seems to be difficult é__è But I comfort myself by seeing your pictures! I put your link on my blog so every one could see yours pictures.
Bye! ^3^/ (and scuse me for speaking bad >_<)

Christy said...

Oh thank you so much for admiring! Can't help it with these Dollshe's...beautiful sculpts, beautiful expressions. Visit Tensiya.com often and watch under "Anu Limited" for Bermann. There will be more released. And of course there are Hounds available on her site right now too including this lovely IM Tanned guy! I think you speak English just lovely! ^_~

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am BJD collector from Germany and I have really fallen in love with your Roman. He is so gorgeous - I wish I could get an IM tanned Hound that easily these days, seigh.

Christy said...

Oh hi! They are a great sculpt and their 'brow' catches the light really cool in certain situations. Definitely expressive!
I believe there are some out there - I don't know about the availability on Tensiya.com, but perhaps Luts?