Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He Can't Believe It...

SEE? He's DONE~ All painted - after 3 years in a box ^_^!

Meet cute little Mr. Nibbles:


Monday, February 15, 2010

A Toy Comes to 'Life'...

UPDATE on another project I've been working on...I have had this little
guy FOREVER it seems...neglected...taken apart and resting in his box since I got him July of 2007...

A Pipos Doll Curo, fullset:

I named him Mr. Nibbles, and he was to be Ava's (my Dollstown Seola) 'imaginary' friend...no one else could 'see' him as she does - which is, her favorite toy come to *life*. I thought I would paint him like a British spotted rabbit in black and white. Then I saw photos of the same markings in brown, and liked that better. So the idea sat in my brain...and poor Mr. Nibbles sat in his box...and I'd go to doll meetups and get 'scolded' gently by my friends that I haven't painted him yet. One of my friends even gave Mr. Nibbles a little carrot prop, thinking that might prod me into finally working on him. ^_^

Here he is a little while ago after I got him out of the box to take pix of some eyes for a friend:

WELL! What finally prodded me to start on him last week was an upcoming beach trip all of my 'dollie' friends take once a year - we're leaving this Thursday. What better time to get poor Mr. Nibbles onto the work table and *surprise* everyone by bringing him all painted and together! I'm allllmost done with him....just a few more little details - painted lines in crevices...and dying him with coffee (to add an 'antique' feel to him - he's supposed to be made of wood, so the dye should help that look as well as the brush strokes I need to add) and he'll be ready to string!


Hopefully I'll have him all done by tonight so I can post pix of him.

I found a great group on flickr that helped me with his concept...except he's the opposite...more like an 'overly loved' toy...sort of like the Velveteen rabbit...

Here's the group - "Unloved Toys"...some of it's kind of sad though...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Resin Comparisons...

By request here's some comparisons of pale resins by Dollshe (old and new) as well as
Spirit Doll:


Friday, February 05, 2010

A Ghost for Company

Rikter has...abilities.

Not everyone understands, but he can 'see' that which is not
normally there for the average person. He finds friends in ghosts,
as seen here...(if you can see his friend like he does...^_~)