Thursday, January 15, 2004

Michael (Volks Lalaport Ed. - "Young Nobleman of Darkness")

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Ordered: May 2, 2003

Arrived: May 9, 2003

Volks Superdollfie "10"
Michael "Dark Prince" or Lalaport Edition

Zoukeimura HG Glass Eyes/Pale Purple 18mm

Default short Black bob with long tail in back. 9" - 10".

Height: 58cm

Body: SD10 Normal Skin (Old Volks resin tone).

Customizations: Sanded, blushed, sueded, fingers seperated. Faceup by me.

Michael is a little 'charmer'. One look at him and you can't
help but baby him. ^^ He is the epitome of *cute*!

Michael is the first Asian style ball-jointed doll that I bought. I was completely
won over the second I opened the box and saw such large realistic eyes! He
was also much heavier than I thought he'd be too. I was very impressed with
how well he was sculpted and so happy to have a super dollfie of my own.
Michael will always be special that way. My very first BJD. ^^

Michael 'then':

Michael 'now':

Michael 'blank head':

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