Thursday, January 15, 2004

Annalisa (Elfdoll Soah Standard by "Rainman")

Posts of Annalisa

Ordered: August 4, 2005

Arrived: October 6, 2005

Soah Standard

Eyeco Hazel/Default glass, black

Jpop variety - usually long dark hair

Height: 58 cm

Normal skintone, large bust

Sanded, blushed, freckles added, neck - reshaped neck opening for wider range of movement. Sanded torso piece for a more relaxed back position (so back isn't locked into a 'sway-back' pose).

Annalisa is a free spirit of sorts. She loves to dance, talk a-LOT, and enjoys nature and poetry. Does she sound 'hippy' enough? Actually no - Annalisa would prefer the description, rockabilly. Timo is her true love and she is elated whenever he plays his guitar for her. (Tattoos for Annalisa forthcoming, but not *too* many. Annalisa prefers a more 'natural' look about her). ^_~

Annalisa 'then':

Annalisa 'now'
(not much different, still the same faceup, just different eyes):

After faceup:

**Fun note
When I first started posting Annalisa to the boards many people thought she was a dead ringer for River Tam from the show "Firefly":

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