Thursday, January 15, 2004

Roman Vitus (Dollshe Tan IM Hound)

Posts of Roman

Ordered: December 23, 2005

Arrived: December 31, 2005
Box Opening Post

Tan IM Hound

Enchanted Eyes


Height: 70 cm

V2 Hound Body in Tan

Faceup, Blushed

Roman prefers being alone.  He comes across as very intimidating most of the time except to those he loves.  On the other hand he can appear heavenly and romantic.  He is a very direct character and sees things as they are and says things bluntly.  He is not one to be crossed.  Enjoys taking long walks and thinking.  He also prefers taking charge of a situation as he hates being out of control.  Enjoys the color red, being secretive....dislikes people telling him what to do, slow cars and lack of ammunition (literally and figuratively) :).

Roman 'then':

Roman 'now'

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