Thursday, January 15, 2004

Feyd Asher (Dollshe Hound V1)

Posts of Feyd

Ordered: June 4, 2005

Arrived: June 22, 2005
After he arrived - no faceup

Hound V1, Normal Skin

Volks Baby Blue Metallics, 14mm

Home-made 'spike' wig & Leekeworld Platinum.

Height: 70 cm

Hound V1 body. Thinner torso, smaller shoulder joints 'holes', 2-piece hands,
no locking mechanism for hips.

Faceup by me, 'spike' wig by me.

Feyd is very assured of himself and happy to display his ideas and opinions.
He loves to perform for people and is very witty. When he arrived it didn't take long
for his personality to take shape and envelope everyone else within it's captivating
embrace. If he is very upset about something though, he will withdraw, so it's easy
to detect since he is always so outgoing. He is matched up with Esther Fin -
they make quite the pair and cause attention almost everywhere they go. ^^

Feyd "then":

Feyd "now":

...with Esther:

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