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Vincente B. (Dollshe Bermann Original 77)

Posts of Vincente B.
Ordered: November 20, 2003 from the Korean site "Yentown".
At that time there were 50 dolls available for pre-order between Dollshe selling agency sites Yentown and "cafedaum" until December 30th of that year. Later, around April 2004, another 27 dolls were added for sale, this time open for some international sales. The doll was 550,00 won which was US$500.
See more info below on Original Bermann history

Arrived: January 10, 2004
Type: DO Bermann (open-eyed), Normal Skin
*Volks Metallic Beige
*Default gray/green glass eyes - 14mm
Variety, mostly in red. Leeke, Jpop, Kemper. 9" - 10"
Height: 68 cm
Bermann body - different from later releases and Hound bodies. Elbows and
knees have extra 'caps' to the joints, as well as caps in the shoulder joints.

Sanded, blushed, sueded, wired. Faceup by me.

Vincente is half vampire. When in 'vamp mode' he wears
his metallic eyes, when in 'human mode' his eyes are the
default gray/green. He is sensitive and artistic, laid back
and reserved, yet he freely expresses beauty and is secure
in doing so. He loves his friends and would do anything for

Vincente Then (2004 with default faceup and eyes):

Vincente Now:

Blank Bermann Head:

Example of Bermann-type joints:

Story of Original Bermann (Ltd. Edition of 77): 
Shortly after the release of the DoBermanns (original, open-eyed dolls) the SA's were released ('slack afternoon' with lidded eyes). 33 SA dolls with bodies were released and at the same time 50 Heads only with no bodies were also released.

From Dollshe Kiyong in an email dated January 17, 2011
responding to an inquiry I made about my doll Vincente:
Bermann was created by DollShe-ki-yong. There weren't specific sales plans at first, but upon repeated requests from many people, Bermann went on sale. Bermann was first launched via Yentown.

At that time, we didn't have DollShe craft boxes or certficates. Those were added along the way.
Your Bermann seems like one of the first fifty created. We are very fond of Bermann as well. It was after Bermann that DollShe craft slowly began to make a name for ourselves.

July 2006: Info from Setsuka in Private Message, Owner of [For Bermann] Cyworld Club
Info on release of Original Tan Bermanns:
"Sun-tan Bermann(will call it 'stBermann' from here
on) were not realesed for selling purpose.
As you know that the first DoBermanns had many
problems with them, but there were no after service
done for them.
Like a compensation, stBermann were released only for
the Bermann owners after a discussion with Dollshe
after the saBermann's release.
(This time the 'owner' considered as the DoBermann
owners and the saBermann with body owners not the
saBermann head owners). 

Dollshe, the creator of Bermanns, got famous in Korea
by the display of the Bermanns from the [For Bermann]
club in the Dolls Events held in Seoul, so the orders
were made only from the owners listed in the [For
Bermann] club.

All the orders were 30 stBermanns in total, and they
are mostly sent, and about 7 of them being ready to be
sent now.

The orders of stBermanns were made with a written
promise that they won't sell them to any other people
in any case in the future.

This is because of the meaning that the stBermanns
have to the owners, and it only matters with the
Korean owners,
so release of stBermann for oversea is not sure for
now. (I don't think that they will be released again)

I am fully in charge of any selling and ventilation of
the stBermann in Korea.

stBermanns were a little high in cost than other
Bermanns, and they include a stBermann with
sa-stBermann head(total two heads) with eyes.

Did this answer your questions enough? ^^;;;
I'm not good in English, and this answer was late
because I had to have someone else to help me with
Have a nice day. ^_^ "


Yentown promo pix:

Doll Free Market (After which Dollshe became 'famous' as Setsu mentions above):
 photo dollfreemarket05_zpsdb90e360.jpg

Pics from event to come....

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