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Tensiya Bermann Releases 2005 - 2008

 photo Heimdal_022_zps75e816a6.jpg
Photo by Anu

I had this info sort of 'tucked away' in this I thought I'd give it a post of it's own.
At one time I had Anu's Tensiya photoshoots linked to her blog, but that link is now broken.
So I have loaded her little 'photostories' on each Bermann release into my Photobucket as individual
slideshows. It may not be as nice a presentation, but it still showcases her wonderful photos and
talented designs. :)


Info on Tensiya Bermann Releases 2005 - 2008

Timo was released through Tensiya run by Anu. He was a part of the 'Tensiya Bermann Project' where Anu partnered with Dollshecraft and re-released 33 SA ('slack afternoon, or lidded eyes) and 77 DO Bermanns (open eyed) as fullset themes to the international market. Anu styled all of the releases based on these different themes which involved clothing, faceups and wigs.

The Bermann Project began it's releases in 2005 with 2 groups of SA's.
(All linked slideshows originally created & posted by Anu on the Tensiya website)

February 2005
#1 SA The Shinsengumi-Kurogatu (1-11) (Doll #01 & 11 auctioned, see below list)
#2 SA The Valentino-Le Lys Rouge (12-22)

April 2005
(first of the DO Bermanns are released):
#2 Hue-Die-Meng ("Dream of Butterfly") (12-22)

March 2006
#3 Heimdall ("The Guardian of us, and gods") - (Beauty White) - (23-33)

June 2006:
#4 Hwarang - The Yoo-shin and the Chun-choo ("Knights of Flower") - (Beauty White) - (34-44) - also offered with this release was the Dollshe Afghan/Afgah as a boy on a Dollshe boy body.

October 2006
3 Groups of DO Bermanns were released at once. Buyers could choose to buy more than one if they wished.
#5 Manu ("Forgotten Paradise") - (Tan) - (45-55)
#6 L'etranger - Le Lys rouge - (Tan) - (56-66)
#7 Mr. Fogg ("Around the World in 80 Days") - (Beauty White) - (66-77)
     **Additional Commentary Slideshow on Mr. Fogg by Anu**

July 2007:
#3 (Final SA) Il Milione ("The Description of the World…1299- Travels of Marco Polo) (Tan) - (23-33)
This doll came with 3 sets of clothing:
style 1) one tunic in silk violet + hat + black pants + shoes + necklace + bag(handy trunk)
style 2) one tunic in brown + scarf + bag + shoes + (black pants are swatching to style one)
style 3) silky, blue Chipao (chinese style) + a pair of pants(white, silk) + hat + shoes

February 2008:
#1 (Final DO) Louis Dobermann (1-11)
This doll came with 2 sets of clothing.

**Commentary Slideshow of Bermann Project Owners by Anu** - incomplete list though :(


**#1 SA The Shinsengumi-Kurogatu #11 of 11** - KAGEMA - This doll was donated in 2007 to Dollectible for Auction. 

**#1 SA The Shinsengumi-Kurogatu #1 of 11** - This doll was donated in 2009 to Gogadoll for Auction.

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Dollshe's 10th Anniversary - A Decade in Review

Dollshecraft - 10th Anniversary

I am so pleased to see Dollshecraft celebrating it's 10th Anniversary.
When I first encountered photos of a Dollshe doll (Dollshe Bermann) in 2003
I was in awe of the ingenuity and innovative design of the sculpt compared
to other dolls on the market at that time, but also the pure art form that
the sculpt represented to me. I immediately wanted one and thought of
using the doll as a drawing model. The double-jointed system (completely
new then), the soft realistic human quality of the facial features and the
natural and true-to-life posing ability really drew me in. But most
exceptional were those lovely Dollshe hands.  The sculpt and gesture of
 them were so beautiful, and the most eye-catching was the intricate detailing
 of veins!  Again, not seen before at that time.
Since my fascination with and purchase of Bermann, over these 10 years I
have constantly and eagerly followed the evolution of Dollshecraft (I have
since added to my collection Hound, IM Hound, Saint, Tan Bermann, Orijean,
Van, Pabo and Ausley Love, to name a few). It's exciting to see what new
'invention' will be thought up next by Mr. Kim Ki-yong, creator of
Dollshecraft, that truly symbolize Dollshe's uniqueness (such as the
fabricated aluminum parts used in stringing, and the advanced details evident
in the latest sculpts being designed).

The attention to detail and process of refinement is obvious in Dollshe
creations, but also the ongoing strive for perfection that is further
achieved even after a doll has been released to the market (such as the
amended joints for Ausley Love that were recently sent out to owners, for
example). That continuing strive for perfection is also evident in Dollshe
eyes and resin skintones. You can now rely on a skintone matching from one
doll to the next, even over a course of time. And Dollshe eyes have a
complex quality of depth and color that achieves a distinction worthy of
their reputation.

Dollshe has gathered a following of fans over the years that are greatly
inspired by these creations. It furthers their own creativity in how they
customize & photograph their doll. The results have, in my opinion,
elevated Dollshe dolls even further & put them in a class of their own.
Such expressive sculpts and characters have emerged that evoke such
feeling and expression in pose and style. They seem lifelike, and continue
to grow in the hands of the collector.

 Congratulations and thank you Dollshe Ki-yong, for bringing these art forms to
fruition and for giving us the gift of believing in our own visions.
Happy 10th Anniversary Dollshecraft and many more to come!


Those lovely Dollshe hands! (2007)
 photo dollshe_hands_zpsec3843c3.jpg

My first Dollshe: Bermann, released in 2003
 photo comp_small_zpsc043d1e6.jpg

Bermann, SA Bermann, Saint (2008):
 photo three011.jpg

Orijean (2009):
 photo Dorren_Glasses_01.jpg

Bermann (2011)
 photo Christy_Vin.jpg

Tan Bermann, Saint, Tan IM Hound,
SA Bermann, Bermann (2011)
 photo Christy_Group_01_NEW.jpg

Van on DSAM32 body (2012)
 photo uriel_s_02.jpg

Pale Tan Ausley Love (2013)
 photo ausley_sa_zpsc7c2944c.jpg