Saturday, January 17, 2004

Home-made Armature "Dumb-bells"

Since Armaverse doesn't sell elongated "dumb-bells" individually yet, beyond the largest size shown here, (which is about 3.5" long) I made my own for the tips of the wings I made for my "Angel" character, Uriel.

First, you'll need these supplies...
(click photos for links of where to order these parts online).

A. Swivel Ball Links for RCL (remote control airplanes etc). You can also find these at your local Hobbytown or hobby shop. You only want the brass ball and you can cut that out of the link housing easily enough with a pair of cutters. The size ball links you want are 2-56. The brass balls are 3/16" in diameter, perfect for fitting inside the Armaverse adjustment plates. It also has a hole already drilled that you can easily 'tap' into. (more on this below).


B. Aluminum Wire Medium Stiff, 10 gauge

C. Mini tap set

D. Tap Wrench

E. Threading Die (3-48)

F. Die Stock

G. Cold Weld - you can buy at your local hardware/dpt. store

Once you have the brass balls cut out of the links, you tap (or cut threads in the hole) using your 3-48 tap. With the brass ball held by a pair of needle-nose pliars, and holding the tap perpendicular to the hole, start tapping into the hole slowly (basically it winds it's way down the hole like a screw). As it begins to tap into the hole (you'll feel the resistance as it cuts into the brass) you want to 'reverse' 1/4 turn or so as this cleans the tap of debris as you go. Continue tapping into the hole, backing out, tapping in etc. until the tap goes through to the other side. You now have threaded the hole! (Don't worry if your pliars leave marks on the brass ball, it will still swivel just fine in the armature plate).


Cut the aluminum wire to the length you want, file the end flat and smooth, and with your DIE (3-48) start spinning it around the end of the wire until it starts winding it's way down. It's the same idea here as with the tap. Spin it down the wire a bit, then reverse to clean the threads, go forward etc. until your die has screwed itself down the length of your wire tip as far as needed (about as far down as it takes for the brass ball to screw onto the tip of the wire). Mix up some Cold Weld and apply a little to the threads on the wire and screw your newly tapped ball onto the wire. Apply more Cold Weld around the base of the ball for reinforcement and let set.

Click each:

Now you're ready to add a ball to the other "end" of your custom dumb-bell and it's ready to use!

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Roman Vitus (Dollshe Tan IM Hound)

Posts of Roman

Ordered: December 23, 2005

Arrived: December 31, 2005
Box Opening Post

Tan IM Hound

Enchanted Eyes


Height: 70 cm

V2 Hound Body in Tan

Faceup, Blushed

Roman prefers being alone.  He comes across as very intimidating most of the time except to those he loves.  On the other hand he can appear heavenly and romantic.  He is a very direct character and sees things as they are and says things bluntly.  He is not one to be crossed.  Enjoys taking long walks and thinking.  He also prefers taking charge of a situation as he hates being out of control.  Enjoys the color red, being secretive....dislikes people telling him what to do, slow cars and lack of ammunition (literally and figuratively) :).

Roman 'then':

Roman 'now'

Nicholas Cawthorne (Spirit Doll Abies)

Posts of Nicholas

Ordered: January 3, 2009

Arrived: March 4, 2009




Height: 70 cm

White skintone

Faceup, Eyes, Blushed, textured

Nicholas is a 'once vampire-who-died-turned-ghost'!
He just didn't want to part this world he loves so much. He is seen
by Ava (my Dollstown Seola, who believes she is related to him. She
carries a photo around of an ancestor that she is most certain is Nick.)
He is also seen by Miro (Dollshe tan Bermann) and Rikter (who is psychic).

The Beginning....

Nicholas...caretaker of an English Estate - BrierMoor, year 1816. He lived modestly and thought a great deal of the family of the estate. He would listen in on the family's day to day lives, 'dramas', news etc...No one ever paid much mind to him, but he knew everything about them down to the most trivial detail. Then a visitor to the family arrived one night....supposedly a long lost relative who begged to become acquainted with them. He was mysterious, odd yet compelling. The family was engrossed with him, esp. the youngest daughter.

Nicholas continued his upkeep of the estate and was in the greenhouse one day tending to the wintering plants, (he loved to grow things) when he had the strangest feeling he was being 'watched'. He couldn't find anyone nearby but the feeling was so overwhelming that he had to leave the greenhouse, completely overcome with chills. As the days went on, the feeling increased that he was being observed and/or followed....but he kept up with his work around the estate as usual. His attention to his work preoccupied him enough from thinking too much about the mysterious uneasiness that had come upon him....

The vampire 'relative' had the ability to visualize his target even though he was in his dark resting place *somewhere* on the estate...he was obsessed with the caretaker...his shy quiet-ness. He saw him as more interesting prey that way, as well as finding him extremely beautiful (which also intrigued him as he quickly learned that the people of the estate loved Nick for his warm and friendly personality, but that was the extent of it). He had found something new that pulled his senses a different direction. He had found his 'prize'.


Nicholas 'then':

Nicholas 'now'

Ava Hestia Sofia (Dollstown Seola)

Posts of Ava

Ordered: October 28, 2005

Arrived: November 3, 2005


Default Dollstown blue/gray

Tinybear Mocha mohair wig

Height: 46 cm

7 yr pinkwhite skintone

Sanded, blushed, faceup by me.

Ava is very shy and clings to her toys for company. She watches everything around her, quietly taking notes in her mind. She is sentimental and finds comfort in objects that remind her of happy times. Unlike most children, she prefers a dark room, finding it calming and likes the idea that she's hidden from others yet can still keep watch. She's a lovely child and extremely loyal once she gets to know someone and becomes very attached to them. She's more adventurous in her mind, creating scenarios and situations with her 'imaginary' friends. She doesn't like to venture out much but prefers her quiet spots that she knows, such as her room and other hiding spots around the house.

Ava 'then'

Ava 'now':

Annalisa (Elfdoll Soah Standard by "Rainman")

Posts of Annalisa

Ordered: August 4, 2005

Arrived: October 6, 2005

Soah Standard

Eyeco Hazel/Default glass, black

Jpop variety - usually long dark hair

Height: 58 cm

Normal skintone, large bust

Sanded, blushed, freckles added, neck - reshaped neck opening for wider range of movement. Sanded torso piece for a more relaxed back position (so back isn't locked into a 'sway-back' pose).

Annalisa is a free spirit of sorts. She loves to dance, talk a-LOT, and enjoys nature and poetry. Does she sound 'hippy' enough? Actually no - Annalisa would prefer the description, rockabilly. Timo is her true love and she is elated whenever he plays his guitar for her. (Tattoos for Annalisa forthcoming, but not *too* many. Annalisa prefers a more 'natural' look about her). ^_~

Annalisa 'then':

Annalisa 'now'
(not much different, still the same faceup, just different eyes):

After faceup:

**Fun note
When I first started posting Annalisa to the boards many people thought she was a dead ringer for River Tam from the show "Firefly":

Feyd Asher (Dollshe Hound V1)

Posts of Feyd

Ordered: June 4, 2005

Arrived: June 22, 2005
After he arrived - no faceup

Hound V1, Normal Skin

Volks Baby Blue Metallics, 14mm

Home-made 'spike' wig & Leekeworld Platinum.

Height: 70 cm

Hound V1 body. Thinner torso, smaller shoulder joints 'holes', 2-piece hands,
no locking mechanism for hips.

Faceup by me, 'spike' wig by me.

Feyd is very assured of himself and happy to display his ideas and opinions.
He loves to perform for people and is very witty. When he arrived it didn't take long
for his personality to take shape and envelope everyone else within it's captivating
embrace. If he is very upset about something though, he will withdraw, so it's easy
to detect since he is always so outgoing. He is matched up with Esther Fin -
they make quite the pair and cause attention almost everywhere they go. ^^

Feyd "then":

Feyd "now":

...with Esther:

Chloe (Alchemic Labo Unoa Lusis & Unoa Zero Latea)

Posts of Chloe (Lusis)

Posts of Chloe (Zero)

(Lusis):Oct. 2, 2003
(Latea): Oct. 22, 2007

(Lusis): Jan. 12, 2004
(Latea): May 16, 2008

Unoa Lusis (kit) V1.0
Unoa Zero Latea (also came with Marion faceplate)

*Default acrylics that came with eye mechanism, 12mm

Lusis: Global "Carolina"
Latea: Kemper blonde

Height: 42cm

Lusis: Normal skintone with optional bust, feet and hands
Latea: Normal Skin Kit

Lusis: Sanded, blushed, sueded, wired. Faceup by me.
Latea: Sanded, blushed, sueded, wired. Faceup by me.

I ordered Lusis through Crescent Shop. She really had no story planned when she
arrived, but eventually became Vincente's soulmate! ^^ It was then that I
gave her the sultry look of the 'Silent Screen'. Before that, she had more of a
'spritely' petite appearance, using the default smaller bust.

Latea was ordered in conjunction w/Dollybird Magazine in Japan through Celga. An entry card was submitted for me in a lottery. There were different tiers of the lottery and I believe I was in the 3rd or 4th.

Chloe's personality is one of patience and tolerance. She's the one
everyone goes to when they want to 'talk'. She also speaks her mind when she
wants to so one doesn't want to get on her bad side! Behind such a sweet looking exterior is one tough 'cookie'.

Chloe Transistion:
Chloe's character has transformed into a new doll: Unoa Zero Latea by Alchemic Labo,
which stands at 64cm. Not sure where the little Lusis will go as far as character.
She may remain one and the same...going from Large to Small in stature.

Little Chloe 'then':

Little Chloe 'later':

Chloe as Unoa Latea 'then':
{{click on the thumb(s)}}

Chloe as Unoa Latea 'now':

Timoteus Valentino (Dollshe SA Bermann "Valentino")

Posts of Timoteus V.

Ordered: February 16, 2005

Arrived: April 23, 2005
Box Opening Post

SA Bermann ("slack afternoon" or half-lidded), Normal Skin 2nd SA Ver. Valentino Le Lys Rouge
(serial no. 21 of 12~22)
Released by Dollshe Craft through Tensiya.
Clothing by Anu.

Masterpiece Afghans 11mm

Jpop "winds" wig blonde/black 9"-10" with modifications

Height: 70 cm

Bermann body --->Tensiya release, which is different from Original Bermann and Hound bodies. Elbows have extra 'caps' to the joints, as well as caps in the shoulder joints, Hounds do not. Knees are the same as Hound releases with just one double jointed knee piece - no extra 'caps' like the Original 2003 release Bermann.

Sanded, blushed, sueded, wired. Faceup & tattoos by me.

Timo is mostly an introvert socially. He tends to display his emotions in his
writing, playing the guitar or acting out in ways that he more than likely will
regret later. He considers Vincente like a brother and his only love is

Timo "then" (2005 with default faceup from Tensiya):

Timo "now":

Comparison between Original Bermann &
Tensiya-release Bermann

Head caps:

Inside heads:

Thigh joints:

Knees (Doll to left has shoes on, which
explains the height difference):


Info on Tensiya Bermann Releases 2005 - 2008

Timo was released through Tensiya run by Anu. He was a part of the Tensiya Bermann Project where Anu partnered with Dollshe and sold 33 SA ('slack afternoon, or lidded eyes) and 77 DO Bermanns (open eyed). Anu styled all of the releases based on different themes which involved clothing, faceups and wigs.

The Bermann Project began it's releases in 2005 with 2 groups of SA's.
(All linked slideshows originally created & posted by Anu on the Tensiya website)

February 2005
#1 SA The Shinsengumi-Kurogatu (1-11) (Doll #01 & 11 auctioned, see below list)
#2 SA The Valentino-Le Lys Rouge (12-22)

April 2005
(first of the DO Bermanns are released):
#2 Hue-Die-Meng ("Dream of Butterfly") (12-22)

March 2006
#3 Heimdall ("The Guardian of us, and gods") - (Beauty White) - (23-33)

June 2006:
#4 Hwarang - The Yoo-shin and the Chun-choo ("Knights of Flower") - (Beauty White) - (34-44) - also offered with this release was the Dollshe Afghan/Afgah as a boy on a Dollshe boy body.

October 2006
3 Groups of DO Bermanns were released at once. Buyers could choose to buy more than one if they wished.
#5 Manu ("Forgotten Paradise") - (Tan) - (45-55)
#6 L'etranger - Le Lys rouge - (Tan) - (56-66)
#7 Mr. Fogg ("Around the World in 80 Days") - (Beauty White) - (66-77)
     **Additional Commentary Slideshow on Mr. Fogg by Anu**

July 2007:
#3 (Final SA) Il Milione ("The Description of the World…1299- Travels of Marco Polo) (Tan) - (23-33)
This doll came with 3 sets of clothing:
style 1) one tunic in silk violet + hat + black pants + shoes + necklace + bag(handy trunk)
style 2) one tunic in brown + scarf + bag + shoes + (black pants are swatching to style one)
style 3) silky, blue Chipao (chinese style) + a pair of pants(white, silk) + hat + shoes

February 2008:
#1 (Final DO) Louis Dobermann (1-11)
This doll came with 2 sets of clothing.

**Commentary Slideshow of Bermann Project Owners by Anu** - incomplete list though :(


**#1 SA The Shinsengumi-Kurogatu #11 of 11** - KAGEMA - This doll was donated in 2007 to Dollectible for Auction. 

**#1 SA The Shinsengumi-Kurogatu #1 of 11** - This doll was donated in 2009 to Gogadoll for Auction.

Dante (Volks FCS F-28)

Posts of Dante

Ordered: May 27, 2003

Arrived: July 8, 2003

Volks Superdollfie "13"
FCS (Full Choice System)
F-28 (head type)

*Zoukeimura HG Glass Eyes/Pale Blue 18mm
*Schwarzaugen Eyes (Mac Creative) pupiless, MD Cool Gray, metallics etc. 18mm

Default Platinum Blonde (cut)
Leeke L-061 in Milk

Height: 61cm

SD13 Normal Skin (Old Volks resin tone).

Sanded, blushed, sueded. Faceup by me.

Dante was ordered through the 'Full Choice System" through Rudi of R&D fashion
dolls. At the time I ordered him, you could only order Volks FCS through a
deputy shopper overseas.

I customized the order after the character Dante from the Playstation game "Devil
May Cry" and hence his name! He's pure Dante, toting his Ebony & Ivory guns
as well as his Ifrit gauntlets and sword. Dante's always ready for 'business', but
is also very protecting. Esp. of Ava, who is part of the doll family as well. Dante
is very 'in your face' and not afraid to make himself known as such. He'll take
care of any problem, but usually with action and not words!

Dante 'then':

Dante 'now':

Vincente B. (Dollshe Bermann Original 77)

Posts of Vincente B.
Ordered: November 20, 2003 from the Korean site "Yentown".
At that time there were 50 dolls available for pre-order between Dollshe selling agency sites Yentown and "cafedaum" until December 30th of that year. Later, around April 2004, another 27 dolls were added for sale, this time open for some international sales. The doll was 550,00 won which was US$500.
See more info below on Original Bermann history

Arrived: January 10, 2004
Type: DO Bermann (open-eyed), Normal Skin
*Volks Metallic Beige
*Default gray/green glass eyes - 14mm
Variety, mostly in red. Leeke, Jpop, Kemper. 9" - 10"
Height: 68 cm
Bermann body - different from later releases and Hound bodies. Elbows and
knees have extra 'caps' to the joints, as well as caps in the shoulder joints.

Sanded, blushed, sueded, wired. Faceup by me.

Vincente is half vampire. When in 'vamp mode' he wears
his metallic eyes, when in 'human mode' his eyes are the
default gray/green. He is sensitive and artistic, laid back
and reserved, yet he freely expresses beauty and is secure
in doing so. He loves his friends and would do anything for

Vincente Then (2004 with default faceup and eyes):

Vincente Now:

Blank Bermann Head:

Example of Bermann-type joints:

Story of Original Bermann (Ltd. Edition of 77): 
Shortly after the release of the DoBermanns (original, open-eyed dolls) the SA's were released ('slack afternoon' with lidded eyes). 33 SA dolls with bodies were released and at the same time 50 Heads only with no bodies were also released.

From Dollshe Kiyong in an email dated January 17, 2011
responding to an inquiry I made about my doll Vincente:
Bermann was created by DollShe-ki-yong. There weren't specific sales plans at first, but upon repeated requests from many people, Bermann went on sale. Bermann was first launched via Yentown.

At that time, we didn't have DollShe craft boxes or certficates. Those were added along the way.
Your Bermann seems like one of the first fifty created. We are very fond of Bermann as well. It was after Bermann that DollShe craft slowly began to make a name for ourselves.

July 2006: Info from Setsuka in Private Message, Owner of [For Bermann] Cyworld Club
Info on release of Original Tan Bermanns:
"Sun-tan Bermann(will call it 'stBermann' from here
on) were not realesed for selling purpose.
As you know that the first DoBermanns had many
problems with them, but there were no after service
done for them.
Like a compensation, stBermann were released only for
the Bermann owners after a discussion with Dollshe
after the saBermann's release.
(This time the 'owner' considered as the DoBermann
owners and the saBermann with body owners not the
saBermann head owners). 

Dollshe, the creator of Bermanns, got famous in Korea
by the display of the Bermanns from the [For Bermann]
club in the Dolls Events held in Seoul, so the orders
were made only from the owners listed in the [For
Bermann] club.

All the orders were 30 stBermanns in total, and they
are mostly sent, and about 7 of them being ready to be
sent now.

The orders of stBermanns were made with a written
promise that they won't sell them to any other people
in any case in the future.

This is because of the meaning that the stBermanns
have to the owners, and it only matters with the
Korean owners,
so release of stBermann for oversea is not sure for
now. (I don't think that they will be released again)

I am fully in charge of any selling and ventilation of
the stBermann in Korea.

stBermanns were a little high in cost than other
Bermanns, and they include a stBermann with
sa-stBermann head(total two heads) with eyes.

Did this answer your questions enough? ^^;;;
I'm not good in English, and this answer was late
because I had to have someone else to help me with
Have a nice day. ^_^ "


Yentown promo pix:

Doll Free Market (After which Dollshe became 'famous' as Setsu mentions above):
 photo dollfreemarket05_zpsdb90e360.jpg

Pics from event to come....