Thursday, January 15, 2004

Chloe (Alchemic Labo Unoa Lusis & Unoa Zero Latea)

Posts of Chloe (Lusis)

Posts of Chloe (Zero)

(Lusis):Oct. 2, 2003
(Latea): Oct. 22, 2007

(Lusis): Jan. 12, 2004
(Latea): May 16, 2008

Unoa Lusis (kit) V1.0
Unoa Zero Latea (also came with Marion faceplate)

*Default acrylics that came with eye mechanism, 12mm

Lusis: Global "Carolina"
Latea: Kemper blonde

Height: 42cm

Lusis: Normal skintone with optional bust, feet and hands
Latea: Normal Skin Kit

Lusis: Sanded, blushed, sueded, wired. Faceup by me.
Latea: Sanded, blushed, sueded, wired. Faceup by me.

I ordered Lusis through Crescent Shop. She really had no story planned when she
arrived, but eventually became Vincente's soulmate! ^^ It was then that I
gave her the sultry look of the 'Silent Screen'. Before that, she had more of a
'spritely' petite appearance, using the default smaller bust.

Latea was ordered in conjunction w/Dollybird Magazine in Japan through Celga. An entry card was submitted for me in a lottery. There were different tiers of the lottery and I believe I was in the 3rd or 4th.

Chloe's personality is one of patience and tolerance. She's the one
everyone goes to when they want to 'talk'. She also speaks her mind when she
wants to so one doesn't want to get on her bad side! Behind such a sweet looking exterior is one tough 'cookie'.

Chloe Transistion:
Chloe's character has transformed into a new doll: Unoa Zero Latea by Alchemic Labo,
which stands at 64cm. Not sure where the little Lusis will go as far as character.
She may remain one and the same...going from Large to Small in stature.

Little Chloe 'then':

Little Chloe 'later':

Chloe as Unoa Latea 'then':
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Chloe as Unoa Latea 'now':

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