Thursday, January 15, 2004

Ava Hestia Sofia (Dollstown Seola)

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Ordered: October 28, 2005

Arrived: November 3, 2005


Default Dollstown blue/gray

Tinybear Mocha mohair wig

Height: 46 cm

7 yr pinkwhite skintone

Sanded, blushed, faceup by me.

Ava is very shy and clings to her toys for company. She watches everything around her, quietly taking notes in her mind. She is sentimental and finds comfort in objects that remind her of happy times. Unlike most children, she prefers a dark room, finding it calming and likes the idea that she's hidden from others yet can still keep watch. She's a lovely child and extremely loyal once she gets to know someone and becomes very attached to them. She's more adventurous in her mind, creating scenarios and situations with her 'imaginary' friends. She doesn't like to venture out much but prefers her quiet spots that she knows, such as her room and other hiding spots around the house.

Ava 'then'

Ava 'now':

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