Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dollshe Bernard

Honey Skin - Strawberry Fresh.

As a Blonde:

"Yetta" - Soom Beryl (Final)

A 'Marie Antoinette' - inspired gal. :)
♥♥ In Memory of Miss Ally ♥♥

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Soom Beryl Project

Been working on this girl for a while... in memory of Miss Ally. ♥
(Soom Beryl - Inspired from the film "Marie Antoinette".  Body here is a temporary 'mannequin', full body pix to come).

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Comparison Bermann 77 2003 vs. Grown Bermann Re-release 2017

I was originally against the re-release of Bermann by Dollshe. My thoughts when I heard the news last year were this as quoted from an email I sent to Dollshe Kiyong:

 He was a special 1st boy limited introduction to a whole new breakthrough design that was really a piece of art in and of itself. Bermann brought attention to Dollshecraft in such a huge and fascinating way. I feel that releasing a mass more quantity would diminish that mark - that special place, moment in time...the mark Bermann made upon the 'doll world' that represented Dollshe. And *only* Dollshe. That memory is strong. He had his run, made his mark and that he is gone...makes that mark all the more impressive. Bermann is what eventually in my opinion perpetuated Dollshe into the knowledge of the hobby. The history of the limited factor - in my opinion- adds to Bermann's impact as a historical doll. I don't know...I know he's just a 'doll'. But it's sort of like- he's the *sacred* Dollshe doll held in a much higher esteem than any other. Being released again...I can't say for sure, but would seem to put out that flame...but that's coming from me, an owner...I understand that there is pressure upon you by hobbyists who do not have that sculpt & many would like to add him to their collection due to his fame. (And legend!!).

  So now here he is afterall! And of course, why put a stop to a sculpt that can bring enjoyment to many more. Now, if someone can find me a Dollshe Salubia...there now is a limited that still exists that gets me fired up & motivated to go on *that* search I'm sure everyone in the hobby has done at one time or another. :)

Grown Bermann Re-release - Honey Peach Raspberry Fresh...

That B-Boy 'slouch' with the 'Plus' Mystic body.

Comparison to Original: