Thursday, January 15, 2004

Nicholas Cawthorne (Spirit Doll Abies)

Posts of Nicholas

Ordered: January 3, 2009

Arrived: March 4, 2009




Height: 70 cm

White skintone

Faceup, Eyes, Blushed, textured

Nicholas is a 'once vampire-who-died-turned-ghost'!
He just didn't want to part this world he loves so much. He is seen
by Ava (my Dollstown Seola, who believes she is related to him. She
carries a photo around of an ancestor that she is most certain is Nick.)
He is also seen by Miro (Dollshe tan Bermann) and Rikter (who is psychic).

The Beginning....

Nicholas...caretaker of an English Estate - BrierMoor, year 1816. He lived modestly and thought a great deal of the family of the estate. He would listen in on the family's day to day lives, 'dramas', news etc...No one ever paid much mind to him, but he knew everything about them down to the most trivial detail. Then a visitor to the family arrived one night....supposedly a long lost relative who begged to become acquainted with them. He was mysterious, odd yet compelling. The family was engrossed with him, esp. the youngest daughter.

Nicholas continued his upkeep of the estate and was in the greenhouse one day tending to the wintering plants, (he loved to grow things) when he had the strangest feeling he was being 'watched'. He couldn't find anyone nearby but the feeling was so overwhelming that he had to leave the greenhouse, completely overcome with chills. As the days went on, the feeling increased that he was being observed and/or followed....but he kept up with his work around the estate as usual. His attention to his work preoccupied him enough from thinking too much about the mysterious uneasiness that had come upon him....

The vampire 'relative' had the ability to visualize his target even though he was in his dark resting place *somewhere* on the estate...he was obsessed with the caretaker...his shy quiet-ness. He saw him as more interesting prey that way, as well as finding him extremely beautiful (which also intrigued him as he quickly learned that the people of the estate loved Nick for his warm and friendly personality, but that was the extent of it). He had found something new that pulled his senses a different direction. He had found his 'prize'.


Nicholas 'then':

Nicholas 'now'

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