Saturday, March 05, 2005

Chloe's Wandering in the 'Art Room'

...the room is still a mess...but HEY! I got my table in here so now I can sew...heh...

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Chloe finds a sticker I had to take off my car that got sold...bummer...{{Christy thinking I can stick it in the window of my new car...yeeeee--ah}}
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Look--Gem wants to see too Chloe!
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"Don't look at ME like that", Gem says..."Respect your ELDERS!"
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dollseye said...

You seem to be able to make conceptual images without even trying! "Casually Conceptual" XDD.

Chloe looks fantastic in those clothes, very flamboyant, she looks as if she wants to cause some drama somewhere so she's doing it in your art room. XD

I always enjoy seeing images of people's tools - you set up a great scenario in the photos - except that it doesn't look set up.

I love this "Art Room" series a lot.

Christy said...

Heehee I know what you mean about scoping out rooms and looking at tools---I find that so interesting....look for the little things...they tell you alot.

I've been inspired alot when I look at photos like this...mostly on foreign sites...Korean, Japanese...I find people's spaces so intriguing....esp. when it's the only hint you have of the 'owner's' existence, ya know? and I've seen some downright HILARIOUS setups...the dolls are so animated even though the shots are stills. Very creative stuff out there.

This is my first shot at that sort of thing. I didn't want to try too hard...just let it happen and look at it later. You're's set up without really having to try, huh? I loved Mercy's comment in my journal on this...Chloe: "I see nothing!" LOL!!!!!!!!