Saturday, August 13, 2005

Feyd in the Lamplight with Charlie

I really REALLY love this tophat Setsuki made for me
(member of Den of Angels), it fits Feyd *perfectly*! {{happy dance!}}


Kim said...

Hi, me again! I was just looking at these pics again and remembered something I was going to tell you about these sweaters. When you sent me all those Korean Bermann links a while back I remember one of them featured their dolls wearing what appeared to be the same CH B&W sweater, but *without* the hood and zipper. At the time I just assumed that maybe they had altered the sweater by removing the hood, then zipping it up the back like you did for one of your shoots a while back. Then a week or two ago I followed a link from eBay and found the same exact hoodless, zipperless sweater at Heartplace: Although, I see they're currently out of the B&W, but still have a beige and white one available. They also have a cool web shirt in two versions. Oh, they're *cheaper* than CH too!

Christy said...

Thanks for this link, it looks familiar....I might have had it at one time but lost it. This is cool, hopefully they will have more stuff. I am liking the mesh shirt...

I wish CH would get going again....they used to have a lot of stuff!