Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Here was my submission for the New Year's Contest on DOA - they're all posted and winners announced so it's safe.... ^_~

Congrats to the winners - they did a fabulous job! This piece was voted Honorable Mention. ^_^
"Janus, God of the Beginning". Janus, (January bears his
name) in Roman religion, was the god of beginnings and
the guardian of gates and doors. He is 2 headed so he
can look 2 directions at the same time.

In this depiction I see him as the head looking back
at the past year (the darker head on the left) and the
head looking forward to new beginnings (the lighter
head on the right). The first hour of the day, the
first day of the month, the first month of the year
were sacred to him.

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