Saturday, April 01, 2006

Compliments of Blue & Orange


dollseye said...

There's something very uncanny about his eyes in these photos. Especially the last one. He seems to be metamorphosing into flesh and blood!

I like the shallow depth of field, it seems to make the wool seem even more textured, strangely.

Christy said...

Something about those Bermann eyes, the way they were sculpted...esp. in certain lighting, really makes them look alive! I like the 'puffiness' of the eyelids.

And yeah, that arm is right up there in your face, isn't it? ^_^

Thanks for your comments Jesse, always love hearing from such a pro!! ^_~

lillycat said...

Hi, I am fan of your work, I love all, the dolls, your picturesah !
You have a great feeling and very much liking. Congratulations !

Christy said...

Thanks so much lillycat - I try to invoke alot of feeling in my photos....Vincente is VERY 'emo', lol!