Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Commission: Iplehouse Aaron


Anonymous said...

Wow...it is a great Aarron face paint. May I know what skin tone is it? I have a Latino version Aaron but the skin tone looks so different. Did you also change the skin tone as well?


Christy said...

Hi Cliff~
Thanks for looking!

I believe this was the dark Aaron. I
really had to put the lights on him
to show the detail in the photo.
It is also the reason I used lighter
brush strokes to highlight and show more detail.
Glad you like him.

Cliff - Hong Kong said...

Hello Christy!

This is a unique Aaron...Who is the lucky person processing this amazing faceup?

Christy said...

Hello ^^
I did the faceup for this doll. It was from a while ago, but the person is now selling the doll here if you are interested: