Friday, June 27, 2008

Wild One


듀듐바 said...

우와-! 역시 멋지네요 'ㅡ'!

항상 Christy 블로그에 들리는데

올때마다 감탄을 하지않을 수가 없네요-!

오늘도 인형 잘 보고 가요~ :)

So gorgeous-!!
(I can't speak english very well...)

Christy said...

듀듐바, 한녕하세요!

감사합니다!!! ^^
(한글 - I am learning a little >_<)

듀듐바 said...

Wow, I didn't know that you speak 한글. I saw you lots of time at dollshe cyworld club and den of angles forum :) and I'm surprised about your Korean speaking (?.. oh, i don't know exactly what it is right....?)

This time, Dollshe was stop making existing dolls and preparing constructive shaping dolls more than ex dolls. You know, but Hound, Bernard, Saint are
keep working but the anothers are disapeared. So I ordered afgah first. T^T. I think doll will get to around this week.(I waited for 3month@.@;)

If you live in Korea, I hope doll's make up order to you. but you are live in America T^T. I love your make up style. (like a real!)

When I saw saint on your blog. I'm toatally falling in saint. ha ha ha. So later, I have some money I'll take new saint (existing saint is already finished(produce...))

These days I'm falling in Berman! So SAD T^T Berman was already already already sold out...

Ha. anyway~ I hope you keep good photo working for doll lover >_<(?).

Have a nice day :)

P.S ; English is so hard and difficult hu~~~~Orz (I think many wrong sentences up there haw haw...>_<;;;)
한녕하세요 was wrong
안녕하세요 is right~ but you are good!

Christy said...

Uh-oh, I was wrong on '안녕하세요' - heehee...oh well, I'm learning! ^^

You speak *very* good english, really! I don't know how to say sentences in 한글 yet...but am getting closer. I'd like to visit Korea someday! ^^

Thanks for info on new Dollshes. I hear a little bit from a friend on Cyworld, but haven't heard anything in a long time. Still waiting. Happy to hear about the new Saint though!

Glad you like my doll makeup. I am going to stop for a while. I have many projects to do!

So happy to hear from you, thank you so much for writing!! ^^ {{waves!!}}