Monday, August 25, 2008

Dollectable Photos - July '08

I'm back! Been very busy getting married ^_~ and am now catching up on
photos from a while back. TONS to do!!!

Here is some of Timo hanging out at a hotel room in San Francisco. He
visited with another SA Bermann, Spin (Spin is the Tensiya Dollectable '07
Bermann, Kagema & belongs to Kris). Isn't he stylish!


듀듐바 said...

wow! Really?

Conglatuation! your wedding!

glad to see you back again~!

Christy said...

Oh 듀듐바 thank you SO much, good to be back!
Much to do-- 한글 공부해요!!! ^^

듀듐바 said...

wow, 한글 공부 열심히 하세요!(do the best!)