Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow & Dolls... ^^

Some of Rikter - capturing some flakes in the photo...

Time to go inside, maybe?

Dusting off some snow:





Putting on his hood!




Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

White Crhistmas~!
Rikter seems like cold T~T

I sent you the messege through the cyworld!

ps. I'm ddb, I can't decied my nickname on the web T^T. always changing my nickname haha (most of time i usually use this nick name, Weasley)

Anonymous said...

i recommand you reading this post -

it might be posted by 최혜수 in cyworldclub.
you can understand easier than my messege ;)

Christy said...

Hi again ~ Weasley, like in Harry Potter? ^_~ I'll check my Cyworld.
I saw the DOA post, it's good to have
posts from Korea. Can't wait to see the new Dollshe dolls. ^^

Anonymous said...
It is only text.. when you put on the adress once(?)
but one more Enter key, you can see dollshe homepage, ( > Enter > one more Enter.) but their is nothing, yet. just layout ha-ha

but I always checking everday~

Anonymous said...

hi there, just found ur blog and spent hours looking at these amazing photos!!my favorite is FEYD~~~he is so cool~ these days i become a big fan of hound indeed!!hope that dollshe will release him soon!!!anyway~so glad to find ur lovely blog here~~best wishes!!!


Christy said...

Thank you so much~ Feyd needs more camera time I think, glad you like him and happy you stopped by, it's very inspiring ^_~!!