Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ava - curly toes and tulle

Behind the scenes posing big and tall! ^^


Anonymous said...

WHERE did you find those boots, Christy??? They're fabulous!

I've started stalking your blog now...always hungry for more faboo pics of your boys. ^^


Christy said...

Hey Lyn ~ cool to see you here ^^.

Those boots were a *pain* to get.
They were Angel Region and took
forever....I can't remember how
many months I waited for them.
I've had them a while now. I think
I got them last year, just haven't
taken many photos of them.

I'm trying to post more pix these
days! >_<

simplykir said...

Ava is so lovely in these shots aaaah you should post more pics of her. *dies* ;).
Those boots are really cute, I'm sure she is very happy with them. Ava is a very lucky girl ;).

Anonymous said...

I think so, Ava is very lucky girl, also other guys too!
She's boots are so~ CUTE!!!! like a little cute witch~ XD

Christy said...

simplykir~ Those boots I am so happy to have, but took so long to get. It wasn't a good order period. But now I can enjoy taking pix, so none of that matters anymore. I am definitely going to take more pix -Ava is so sweet in photos.

Weasley~ I think of witch too! Like "The Wizard of Oz" the witch under the house with her curling toes. ^^

Thank you both for your comments!

dollseye said...

These are really stunning photos, of course I'm biased because I adore Ava but omg look at her clothes and her toes!!!! Those boots look as if they have a life of their own, they're almost organic looking ^_^

Anonymous said...

Christy! Christy! Christy!!!
Hurry UP!
Dollshe has Updated New Photos!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, sorry. You already saw it!
I see your comment on noe pics of Orign on Cyworldclub! HaHa! It's So AMAZING and HOTTT!! I can't wait lol~

Christy said...

Yes indeed~ ^^ saw this!
So interested in posing this doll.
Can't wait for website opening!!

Christy said...

Jesse (Dollseye)~ That is a good analogy about the boots...they remind
me of the boots curling in Wizard of you can see them moving.