Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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Here is Andrei, an Alice In Labyrinth Elijah mold.
This is my 'test' at making my own acrylic eyes. I
like the possibilities for customizing! I think he looks
very 'vampy' in this yellowish/gold color.


Anonymous said...

He has so captivating eyes! and it is so different feeling - has eyelshes / has no eyelshes O_O!

You are so good at custum & makeup :D!!

dollseye said...

The eyes are fantastic, he looks amazing with his veins and those glimmering eyes. Definitely vampy!

Christy said...

Weasley: I know, it's strange what light can do to 'expressions'. ^^

dollseye: I go all out in giving this guy the total 'Anne Rice Vamp' look...mainly inspired from the films in look. I loved them! Great to hear from you!!