Saturday, August 07, 2010

Haute Doll Appearance

I've made an appearance in Haute Doll! You can see me in the latest issue, interview written by the creative and talented Kat Robertson. I'll be posting some of the 'out-takes' - or photos that weren't used in the article, here on my blog in the upcoming days. In the meantime, here are a couple of quick little thumbs of a couple pages of the spread. I'm so happy with the presentation.

After this issue, Haute Doll will be appearing within the magazine Doll Reader as a supplement. They've been bought out by Madaver Media/Doll Reader.


veltwi said...

Oooh WOW, that is so fantastic~!!! It is not to surprizing, though. Your dolls are always a delight~! Congrats~! I need to pick up this issue <333


Anonymous said...

Congrats Christy!!

P.S. Miss you!!

Christy said...

thanks veltwi~ It's great to have such a showcase for some of my work.

Hey Lyn~ Thanks so much, miss you guys too! I want to go to Dolpa next year in NY!!!!