Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Commission: Soom Ai Winnie Dee

Recently finished....

Soom Ai Winnie Dee with hooves by Daisy Dayes.


2 of Hearts said...

She(?) looks really good. She has an overall aged look to her and very creepy, in a good way. Probably best painted Daisy Dayes hooves I've seen. Love your work.

Anonymous said...

Christy this is bloody fantastic!
The way you did the eyes are my favorite.
How are you going to keep the pain inside the joints from scraping off?


Christy said...

2 of Hearts: - it can be a she or he according to the owner...however, 'she' likes a lot of dresses. ^^ Thanks so much for looking - and aren't D.Dayes hooves phenomenal? Loved working with them, they've given this character something all her own.

Christy said...

clayrabbits: Thanks so much, wonderful to hear such lovely comments about little 'Weeener' (her name ^^).

The solution for the joints not wearing off the paint was moleskin. It seems to do well on my own dolls that are textured similarly.