Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recent "Trunk" Show with Friends ^_^

Had a great time recently in Seattle. So many things set up that people were selling. I bought a nice sweater vest for my SA Bermann Timo, and a lovely fairy crown for a current project I'm working on. Here's some snapshots - although, my flash batteries died..but I still managed to get a some.

Candy's Christmas tree was a gorgeous pink!

Candygear's Mr. Have and Clean Slate:

MysteryAya's Miho, Jesper:

Rikter taking in the sites:

FunnyLori's custom Orijean (she dyed him):

Clara's Hound, Napolean:

Loren's hybrid Davlin and companion:



Anonymous said...

Wow, so many inspired dolls, that must've been some meet! Gorgeous photos. <3

Christy said...

*Lots* of people showed up in a pretty small space, but it was fun. Great stuff to buy and Candy, the host has the most adorable place with display cases full of lovely things to look at. ^^