Thursday, May 19, 2011

Preparing for a Doll Meet

It's been a busy 2 months preparing for a doll meet in less than 2 weeks called Uncanny Dream. I'll be displaying some dolls in their own 'set'. It's been a fun project, just hoping I get everything done in time!!

Here's a peek at something I made for my Dollshe Van as the archangel Uriel (who will be 'flying' at the meet ^_^): a suit of armor!

I'm so happy he has his *own* outfit now that is something I made myself (I've never considered myself a 'seamstress', maybe more of a 'fabricator' ^_^, but maybe now that will change!). Uriel looks great in gold, I'm happy with how the armor turned out.


2 of Hearts said...

Saw him in person and have to say, he is the most amazing angel, ever! I love his face, I can stare at him for days~

Christy said...

Oh thanks so much 2of♥!! It was a lot of work, but so worth it, I had a great time and talked much 'doll talk' ^_~. So happy you like my angel, now that he has his outfit, it's time to take more photoshoots!^^