Friday, March 14, 2014

Highlights: Soom Ai Winnie Dee Commission

Recently finished....

Soom Ai Winnie Dee with hooves by Daisy Dayes.

==========================================  photo Weeenr_yellow_02.jpg  photo Weeenr_yellow_03.jpg
==========================================  photo tree_gathering.jpg
 photo Peeking_detail.jpg
Various tests to fit Daisy Dayes Hooves to the body of Soom Ai Winnie Dee. Apoxy was added and notches created to enable the legs to have 3 different 'lock-in' positions.  photo Weener_pose_04.jpg  photo Weener_pose_01.jpg  photo Weener_pose_07.jpg  photo Weener_pose_09.jpg  photo Weener_pose_06.jpg  photo Weener_pose_03.jpg  photo Weener_pose_014.jpg  photo Weener_pose_011.jpg  photo Weener_pose_010.jpg  photo Weener_pose_012.jpg  photo Weener_pose_02.jpg  photo Weener_pose_013.jpg  photo Weener_pose_08.jpg

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