Monday, January 11, 2016

"Pan with a bit of Glam"

Pan is a collaborative effort. Faceup & fantastic wig by Max Meiselmaus;
Body paint - Hooves - Hands by myself. He's a bit glam, edgy & when
he steps into the party all eyes are on him! :)


Ashbet said...

WONDERFUL!!! Spectacular :D :D :D

IIRC, that's a D.I.M. MNM head, correct? What body did you use? Resinsoul? And where are the hands from? (I recognize them, but am spacing on the company.)

He's an amazing hybrid, and I love what you've done with him -- is he for you to keep, or does he belong to someone else?

(And I'm a big fan of the Nachtzirkus crew -- Max is a fantastic artist and photographer, so it's wonderful seeing the two of you collaborate on this project!)


Christy said...

Hi Andi!! :)

That's right about the head, Minimee.

The body is Soom, hands Dollzone...legs and hooves Soom Shoshon.
The parts were collected by Cat Cara in NY (owner of the doll)...
she's been gathering them for some time for the perfect Pan. :)
She liked how I painted her Ai Winnie Dee so asked me to paint
Pan. He was fun to do. And agree totally about Nachtzirkus -
amazing photography!

Thanks for stopping by, I need to do
more updates here. O_o Good hearing from you!!!! ^___^

Ashbet said...

Cat Cara is such a sweetheart -- I got to meet her at a doll show when I was in NY ages ago, and she is a delight -- and I love her beautiful and incredibly original collection!

I see why I was confused about the body -- I wasn't sure whether Pan was a SD-sized head for some reason (also, I'm a space cadet, LOL!)

*hugs* Miss you, hon! More updates would be awesome -- it's always great to hear from you and see what you're up to <3

Christy said...

Awww YOU are a sweetheart too, thx!
Yeah Pan is pretty big, I didn't measure him but he's about 70cm - ish. I wonder how many of those Pan heads are out there, he's sculpted very well.