Sunday, May 15, 2005

Doll Meet--Portland

A bunch of us Portland people gathered for our first ever doll meetup!

I'll be updating more owners pix...I want to get permission first...

In attendance from Den of Angels were:
Becki & Fyredancer (Talya) - Volks Syo: Shoutaro, FCS F-16: Lucien

Mystery Aya (Jamie) - Volks F09 Head/Dollfie Dream body: Hana, Volks SD10 Nono: Midori

Jay - CP Lishe Normal Skin: Isabella, Volks F08: Jillian

Brent - Dream of Doll: Klaus (pronounced "claws")
Tomato - Bryce: Ava

Pookie Noodle - Doll in Progress (sculpie) who brought some great sewing samples of her work and is saving up for a future doll. I think I may have to talk to her about a skirt for Chloe!

And here I am swarmed by the threesome I brought: Dante, Vincente and Chloe

So here are some doll shots I got. ^_~

Ava, Klaus, Hana, Vincente, Chloe, Dante, Midori, Lucien

Shimmery-eyed sirens, Midori and Hana

It's Syo!! He's a cutie...Shoutaro

"Exuse me....uh...hello??? Can you see me???" Lucien and Chloe

"Well, Shoutaro sees me!"

On to the next one...."I really like you!" Klaus and Chloe

Vincente with the beauties Jillian and Isabella

"What do you think of Vincente, Jillian?" "Eh...he's okay I guess, if you're into that long haired look"

Jillian: {{thinking to self: 'he did have his arm around me though...hmmmm}}

"Okay, be good kids, I'm going to go wander..." Vincente with Ava and Klaus

"whatcha been doin, Vincente?"

"Ohhh just babysitting" {{Jillian: 'that's so cute'}}

Ava: "Ew."

Isabella: "What is Jillian doing??"

"Wait! Vincente, don't talk to her, she doesn't like men with long hair...don't believe anything she says, Vincente please! It's me you want!!"

"Now I like men with long hair, you see."

Ava: "Double eww!"

Lucien's gorgeous face



Dante and Lucien became really good friends

Profiles of the F28 and F16

Midori has hypnotized Shoutaro with her gaze...

Jillian and Hana

3 boys hanging out

Chloe has stolen Isabella from Vincente

"Nice to meet you too" Hana and Vincente

"Vincente?" "Yes, Ava what is it?"

Lucien: "I'm really gonna miss my new friend Dante. I hope we can hang out again soon"

Lucien continues...."We had so much fun..."

"See ya again soon, Dante"

"I'm gonna miss you too Lucien"


dollseye said...

Squeeeeee! All those gorgeous dolls!!!! I was fascinated by the way nobody got left out and they're all such different sizes yet the photos work so well. They really look as if they're having a great time together!

I love the "Can you see me???" Lucien and Chloe" photo - Unoas always seem to stand out in photos and get lots of attention :))

Looking forward to seeing some more pics!

lynn said...

My favourite picture is the Ava and Vincente "Ewwwwwwwwww" one.

Chloe is just fab.

Christy said...

It is sooo true about the Unoa stealing the show with these larger dolls---I see that with alot of littler dolls the mini's and the elf dolls. They're just such a cool thing to throw into the mix...they add alot of fun.

I had a great time taking all these shots and meeting everybody. I just wish my camera would've done a better job. Oh time! Thanks for commenting guys! ^_^

~Mia said...


that is a great big smile you put on my face, Christy!
lovely pictures...and yes, I Loooooooooved seeing all the different sizes and styles of each dolls.....
"Can you see me?" aaaaawww!

Waaaaaaaaah!.. I wish there was a group of people near me that got together with such lovely dolls !

~Mia said...

Ooh !ooh! love that picture of you with your "kids" by the way !