Monday, May 30, 2005

Visit with Mercy!

I had a wonderful time today! Got in the car, took a nice 2 hour drive to Creswell, south of Eugene, and met with one of my fellow SD enthusiasts, Mercy! Here is a link to her doll site: The Loft

She brought her little Wendy and everybody had a nice visit. Mercy and I of course talked doll stuff and the dolls...well...they had their own little pow-wow together! Here are some pix from today:

Mercy's little Wendy darling:

"Tickle tickle tickle!" Wendy gets mobbed!

Hanging out under the tent:

Timo Closeup:

Dante and Wendy:

The gang hanging out with...well..there WERE carpenter ants out there! Heehee...

Dante Closeup:

Timo: "I think there's an ant in my hair!"

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Bedroom Brigaders said...

I love the timo closeup :D He looks so great!