Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Body Blushing Commission: Dollshe Body

Body blushing, manicure, tattoos and some body hair requested.
Also maintenance to help for posing - sueding and wiring.
This is a very detailed 'vampire' now. ^^



AtomicSpaceKitty said...

Wow, what any incredibly detailed body blushing. It looks amazing! <3

Christy said...

Oh hey there!!! Thanks alot, he
is a lovely guy, the head is an
Elysium Hugo.

AtomicSpaceKitty said...

Ah, I was wondering what the head was. I thought it might be a Husky, due to the frown, but they weren't quite right. I think the Elysium Hugo head goes really well with the Dollshe body, style-wise.