Thursday, November 20, 2008

Introducing Pello (Leeke Mihael/Souldoll Double Body)

Here is a project I am working on. Eventually he will be the Greek God Pan
and have 'goat legs' that I want to sculpt and cast myself. First time trying
that, hope it works!

For now here he is with no faceup.
Wig I created from Alpaca hair attached to a wig cap made of diver's netting.
Hair was attached using a latch hook method. Took a long time, but turned out
great, I'm so excited to start work on this guy. ^^


AtomicSpaceKitty said...

How fun! I'm looking forward to seeing how your project progresses. His hair looks awesome!

ddn said...

I'm looking foward it!
so exciting-! keep working hard :)

Christy said...

Thanks for looking (hey ASK! ^^)
Hoping to get started on the
sculpting soon, but want to start
his faceup's going to
be less complicated, heehee....

mAki said...

Hello! Sorry for walking in so randomly, but I found this post while googling, and I just have to know: Is the Leeke head a good fit on the Souldoll body? I'm considering buying a Souldoll Double body for a Leeke head I have on order, but I'd like to know if the neck and head fit well, joint-wise. From your pictures, the Leeke resin is a bit whiter than Souldoll's, but that should be fixable with a little body blushing, methinks.

Your boy is beautiful! Can't wait to see him finished!

Christy said...

The Leeke head is a good match proportionally on the Souldoll double body. I didn't have any problem getting the head on, I think the neck size/length is fine! I did use a LUTS disk in the head for better head movement, but even with that I will need to open the neckhole a bit more into a 'well'-like shape so his head can move side to side easier. This is just a personal preference though. I was really happy with the match overall. Thanks for stopping by -hope this helps. ^^

Kaotik House D said...


i have to tell you that you made an awesome job with that wig.... it's sooo amazing... and really beautiful ^^

i cant wait till you finish him, with that legs ad all that ^^

I have a Mihael too, Iscah, and im looking for another body, and, as i can see, souldoll is pretty perfect, i really like it ^^

by the way, you have an amazing family, i really love them all [ im looking for a dollshe saint, but i cant find any T_T ]