Friday, July 10, 2009

Huntington Gardens, LA - May 2009

Visited the the Huntington Gardens in May and am just now getting photos posted >_<...

Such beautiful gardens...most of these pix are from the Japanese Garden, but
there were many more types of gardens as well.

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Huntington Gardens - 5/22/09


Anonymous said...

I love that shot of Vinnie in front of the pond...he looks so real there.

usagi665 said...

I love them. He's still the most beautiful Bermann ♥

Christy said...

Lyn ~ that was such a cool setting &
I'm a sucker for shots behind the always looks so real. ^^

Usagi665 ~ Awww glad you like Vinnie...I drag that guy on most all my trips! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

What beautiful gardens and shots! It would be wonderful to see them in person someday..

Always love to see pics of the muy handsome Vinnie. I fell for your guy a long time ago, he is still my favorite Bermann ^___^

Christy said...

Oh nice that you like Vinnie ~ he's definitely one of my faves. I take so many photos of him!

The Huntington Gardens are wonderful. I need to go back and see the other gardens I missed.