Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Angel Project - Uriel (Dollshe Van)

Here's a new project I'm working on~ an Archangel character 'played' by
a Dollshe Van, named Uriel. I think he's got the perfect features for
a 'classic' angel as portrayed in paintings by classical realistic
painters...more specifically William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

I'm in the process of making wings for him at the moment ~
I'm hoping to get them done soon (so he can 'fly', ^^).


Anonymous said...

I really like your Van, Christy! I always wanted to paint one of those...I really like his lips.

Congrats on your good looking fella!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a Van!! They are so beautiful yet so unique... and rare too, right? I don't really see them in the DoA galleries. I think he will make a wonderful classic idea of an angel. I hope to see him often as he develops!:)


Christy said...

Thanks Lyn, I'm happy to have him for this project, he's just perfect. The lips are definitely a cool feature about him. Then there's that prominent nose! ^^

veltwi - There are a few on DOA if you search, but that was in the beginning when he first came out...not many photos recently of him. But you're right, in comparison to other Dollshes, Van didn't appeal as much. He and Orijean will get along wonderfully, haha...