Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Endure...




Anonymous said...

Lots of pain in these photos. They are Haunting... emotive. I love your Brandon Lee minimee! Well, First off it's a beautiful sculpt, but then you breathed life into him.

Christy said...

Hi veltwi ^^

I tried to really bring out his turmoil here and how lonely he is and not quite understanding yet who he is.

Actually, this Minimee is created off of pix of Mark Dacascos that I submitted instead of Brandon. I thought of doing Brandon but thought his face too complex to come across well in a sculpt, so I submitted Mark's, who also portrayed the Crow on the tv series...and his face is wonderful in this form.

I love both actors but no one could ever match Brandon in that role. ♥

Anonymous said...

ooops, sorry about that, Christy. I must be blind ^^;;

Mark Dacascos makes a wonderful minimee.. obviously. His features did lend best to the sculpt here. Despite me mistaking the actor used- I love both of them too^^