Friday, January 24, 2014

David Kuncci Arrives

I have to admit when the box arrived today, and I said goodbye to the postman...I couldn't help but think of that scene from "A Christmas Story" when the dad sees the package arrive containing his 'major award' that he'd won. "I WON, I WON, I WON" was going through my head. Then I said out loud: "This is *my* "FR-A-G-I-L-ayyy". 
(I apologize to whomever reads the above and has never seen "A Christmas Story".
I must sound like I have no sense! ^__^  David Kuncci is my award for winning the
Dollshe Review Contest in December.  I am so excited about this!)

Ok...on with pix!!!
Look who's piccie is on the box now--->> Go Sdink!
 photo DSC_0004_zps6453a76a.jpg

He's packed in with custom style:
 photo DSC_0010_zpsd9cfb44f.jpg

  photo DSC_0013_zps773007e2.jpg

  photo DSC_0021_zpsdc084b78.jpg

  photo DSC_0020_zps91d6b52b.jpg

Harlow overtook the box already. (Oh yeah, and that's Buddy in the BG too):  photo DSC_0044_zps880df1d3.jpg

 photo DSC_0037_zps868d1c53.jpg

  photo DSC_0041_zps741ab88a.jpg

Great nose!
  photo DSC_0042_zps67109db2.jpg

SA head...what's interesting was an extra OE head was included. That would be cool to
try some modding on...give the face a variety of eye expression perhaps. :)

Anyway, here is that lovely SA.
  photo DSC_0061_zps7215dcda.jpg  photo DSC_0062_zps9a145200.jpg

Nigh-night...back in the box. Hopefully, not for too long!  photo DSC_0064_zps5f5bd9ce.jpg


Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! He's so beautiful! I can't wait to see him. :)

Christy said...

Thanks Lori! I'll definitely be bringing him to the next meetup!! :)

Alasse Carnesir said...

Congratulations! He is a beautifully sculpted doll.

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on your win!!! He is gorgeous. ^____^